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14 Sep 2003


Chinook: Volume 25

Volume 25 No. 1

  • Chairmanís Message (Gordon Lane)
  • Proceedings of the Celtic SIG: The Scottish Highland Games (Nancy Carson)
  • The Identity of Dorathy McKenzie Addendum (Bruce McKenzie)
  • Spotlight on England: Education (Ann Williams)
  • The Treasure Hunt (Ingeborg Leavell)
  • Interviews with Long-Time AFHS Members: Lorna Laughton
  • The Eventful Life of Emma Longley (George Lake)
  • Calgary and Area Heritage Fair
  • The Handkerchief: Anton Dobesh and Ana Bohasek (Olive Carlin)
  • Murray McDonald (Heather Jaremko, Bev Jaremko & Jan Williver)
  • The Queenís Park Project (Judie Riddell)

Volume 25 No. 2

  • Chairmanís Message (Gordon Lane)
  • Cold Case (Ken Rees)
  • A Beginning Genealogist (Lorraine Jacksteit)
  • Donations to the AFHS Library, February 2005
  • Spotlight on England: An Overview of Land Records (Ann Williams)
  • GenSmart Reivew (Lois Sparling)
  • Research in the Czech Republic, Part I (Beverley A. Rees)
  • Family History Good Fortune (Kay Jamieson)
  • New Arrivals at Calgary Public Library
  • Notice of Annual General Meeting
  • History of Banking in Canada (Adrienne Horne)
  • The Lure of Alberta (Bill Mumford)
  • A Trail of Two Families: Butchart and Metcalfe (Joyce Metcalfe)

Volume 25 No. 3

  • Chairmanís Letter (Gordon Lane)
  • Editorís Table (Kenneth W. Rees)
  • Brian W. Hutchison Scholarship Winner: Tara Shymanski
  • Obituary: Douglas Henry Stobbs, 1931-2005
  • Anne of Cleaves (Ann Williams)
  • Life in 1905 (Velma Boyer)
  • Research in the Czech Republic, Part II (Beverly A. Rees)
  • Notes on Occupations (clare Westbury, Ann Williams and Margaret Main)
  • George Marie Edouard Louis Verlyck (Gordon Lane)
  • Clues from the Funeral Home and Beyond (Jacqueline Alford)
  • The Whole Kit and Caboodle (Lois M. Sparling)
  • Family History Events in the Near Future
  • My Yorkshire Weavers (Judith Doyle)

Volume 25 No. 4

  • Not available