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14 Sep 2003


Chinook: Volume 24

Volume 24 No. 1

  • Chairmanís Message (George Lake)
  • The Froebe Helicopter (Gloria Moore)
  • The Good old Days in Jolly Old England (Judith Doyle)
  • In Memory: Charles Wesley (Wes) Johnston, 1928-2003
  • In Memory: Georgia Ruth Bailey, 1921-2003
  • Tete: Vincus Barkauskus (Suddie Bill Mumford)
  • Library Donations and Acquisitions Nov. 2003 (Lorna Stewart)
  • Birth Registrations and the Multicultural Heritage of Canadians (Ann Williams)
  • My Favorite Ancestor: John Astridge (Ann Williams)
  • Federation of Family History Societies: Website for British Research
  • My Favourite Ancestor: Uncle Cil (Geoff Burtonshaw)
  • Scottish Ancestry 2nd Edition by Sherry Irvine, CGRS, FSA Scot (reviewed by Gordon Lane)
  • My Favourite Ancestor: Mary Jane Downer Dewell Smith (Marmie Longair)
  • Family History Week in the City of Calgary
  • My Favourite Ancestor: George Gilbert Worman (Tom Worman)
  • Upper Canada Land Surveyor: Samuel Street Wilmot (Adrienne Horne)

Volume 24 No. 2

  • Chairmanís Message (George Lake)
  • In Memory: Roy Kinnear, 1932-2004
  • Mary Ann Who? (Linda Murray)
  • More n the House! My Favourite Ancestor: Gertraud Niedermoser (Xenia Stanford)
  • The Identity of Dorathy McKenzie (Robert Bruce McKenzie)
  • Are You A Family Tree Climber? (Sudie Bill Mumford)
  • Notice of Annual General Meeting and Special Resolution
  • Nominations for board of Directors for 2004/2005

Volume 24 No. 3

  • Chairmanís Message (Gordon Lane)
  • The Wilmotís Newcastle Hatchery (Adrienne Horne)
  • Sauveteur of the St. Lawrence: The Legend of Peter Fraser of LíIle Verte (Joyce Metcalfe and Dianne Martens)
  • Calgary, Alberta, Her Industries & Resources (Sarah Sorensen)
  • Recipes (contributed by Gordon Lane, Lois Nicholson, Adrienne Horne, & Alan Peers)
  • A Lady with Spirit: Edna Lillian Doolan (Gloria Moore)
  • Going Home: Family History Research in Sunny Saskatchewan, Part I (Lois Sparling)
  • My Favourite Ancestor: Robert Black (Dorothy Blunden)
  • My Favourite Ancestor: Robert Milton McCool (Larry McCool)

Volume 24 No. 4

  • Chairmanís Message (Gordon Lane)
  • Going Home: Family History Research in Sunny Saskatchewan, Part II (Lois Sparling)
  • Spotlight on England (Ann Williams)
  • My Favourite Ancestor: Minni Georgina Pidgeon Nixon (Robin Nixon)
  • Thomas Norton Webster, 1850-1912 (Ruth Hansen)
  • In Memory: Dr. Robert Clifton Westbury (1936-2004)
  • Volunteer Appreciation Night, 7 June 2004: Books and Certificates