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5 Oct 2002


Chinook: Volume 22

Volume 22 No. 1

  • Over 70 Cemeteries on CD (Judie Riddell)
  • AFHS Member Survey (George Lake)
  • Philip Sainty: Shipbuilder & Smuggler (Stanley Clute)
  • He Died from What??!!! (Stanley Clute)
  • Members' Interests (Anne Jowett)
  • Did you Miss Chinook (Jill Browne)
  • Cemeteries on the AFHS Digital Library Volume I (Judith Riddell)
  • Western Heritage Centre/Bert Sheppard Stockmen's Foundation Library Update (Nancy Carson)
  • Wild Rose Seminar (Heather Jaremko)\
  • England & Wales 1901 Census Online January 2, 2002
  • BC Archives on Line
  • Glenbow Museum - Calgary
  • WWI Soldiers Database On Line and Growing (Jill Browne)
  • Journals (Helen Backhouse)

Volume 22 No. 2

  • Editor's Note (Jill Browne)
  • Chairman's Message (George Lake)
  • 1901 Census of England and Wales on Internet - Update
  • New York Times Photo Archive
  • Society of Genealogists (England)
  • Family History-Friendly Bookstores
  • Review: Slaves in the Family by Edward Ball
  • Black history Events and sites in Ontario
  • How to? A few points for absolute beginners
  • The Census Lawsuit: Why? What? (Lois Sparling)
  • The Census Lawsuit: A Who's Who of the Parties (Lois Sparling)
  • Brag Box Comes to Chinook (David Ballard)

Volume 22 No. 3

  • Editor's Note (Jill Browne)
  • Chairman's Message (George Lake)
  • 1901 Census of England and Wales on Internet - Update
  • Children of Peace: Canada's first civilian band, revolutionary martyrs, extinct breakaway Quaker sect (Jill Browne)
  • Enoch Clements and Early Calgary (Dave Obee)
  • Small World Department - Kim Caldwell and Jill Browne)
  • Oxfordshire Family History Society Open Day
  • Family History Rewards (Brian Longeway)
  • Family History - A Legacy for Your Children (Bill Campbell)
  • What it Takes to be the Family Historian (Phyllis Ziajka)
  • Putting Meat on the Bones: A Childhood Hero (Phyllis Ziajka)
  • Review: Calgary's Historic Union Cemetery, A Walking Guide by Harry M. Sanders
  • Pondering Vital Statistics (Jill Browne)

Volume 22 No. 4

  • Chairman's Message (George Lake)
  • Editor's Note (Donna J. Marchak)
  • A Letter from "Hell" (Judith Doyle)
  • The Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta Launches its new Library and Archives
  • First Annual Volunteer Awards Evening a Great Success (Paul Harrison)
  • Ancestors with Attitude: My Favourite Ancestor: William Craig (Linda Murray)
  • The Crying Game: Surname Queries
  • So You Want to be a Genealogist (Suddie Bill Mumford)
  • Choosing a Digital Camera: Made Easy (Ellen Kinghorn)
  • Gift Made Possible from Bank of Montreal Grant
  • In Memoriam: Malcolm John Woodcock, 1935-2002 (Peggy Franko)
  • Farewell: Charles Leroy (Roy) Strickland, 1930-2002
  • Ancestors with Attitude: My Favourite Ancestor: Andrew M. Grieve (Joyce Grieve)
  • A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Irish Ancestors: How to Find and Record your Unique Heritage by Dwight A. Radford and Kyle J. Betit (Lois Sparling)
  • A Lucky Genealogist (Doug Hay)
  • Gazetteers, Topographical Dictionaries, Geographic Dictionaries, Place Names: Some of the books that can be found in the AFHS Library (Helen Backhouse)
  • Irish Cuisine (Lois Sparling)
  • Last Survivor of the Battle of Waterloo (Xenia Stanford)
  • Molecular Genealogy Highlights: Family Roots 2002 (Ellen Kinghorn)
  • AFHS Projects Committee (Judith Riddell & Marlene Knott)