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18 Jul 2002


Chinook: Volume 21

Volume 21 No. 1

  • Bert Sheppart Stockmen's Foundation Library (Nancy Carson)
  • WWI Quiz
  • The Western Heritage Centre Library and Archives
  • Major Genealogical Resources at the University of Calgary Library (Jan Roseneder)
  • The Huguenots: Important Early Dates (Xenia Stanford)
  • My Favourite Ancestor: Rosalie Langevin dit Lacrois (Gisele Philbert Tremblay)
  • Peter Huber's Bible Finds its Home (Norma Huber)
  • A Round of Applause for our Volunteers
  • GenTech 2001, Dallas Texas (Bill Mumford)
  • GenSoft 2001: A Resounding Success!
  • Recently Acquired Titles in the AFHS Library
  • Is a Genealogical Society for You? (Donna Potter Philips)
  • Canadian Army Regiments in WWI
  • Members' Surname Interests (Robin Nixon and Ann Jowett)
  • My Favourite Ancestor: Katherine Iles Todd Woodcock (Malcom J. Woodcock)
  • The Heirloom I Most Wanted
  • Highlights from Exchange Journals received in the AFHS library to February, 2001 (Helen Backhouse and Lorna Stewart)
  • From the Internet