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18 Jul 2002


Chinook: Volume 20

Volume 20 No. 1

  • Family History Research Methods Seen as Aid to Social Historians (Joan Dingle)
  • A Booming Bandwagon (Elda Hauschildt)
  • UK Public Record Office to Put Catalogue Online (Richard W. Eastman)
  • AFHS Saturday Research Workshops
  • Alberta Woman's Research Documents 200 Family Stories (Elda Hauschildt)
  • Wild Rose Seminar '99: October 29 and 30
  • Gold Miners, Their Descendants and Murder: A Review of Penny Warner's The Right to Remain Silent (Jan Roseneder)
  • Ellis Island's Myths and Misconceptions, Part 2 (Jayare Roberts)
  • National Archives of Canada Archivia Series of CD-ROMS
  • Exchange Journals Received in the AFHS Library
  • Recent Additions to the AFHS Library

Volume 20 No. 2

  • Ethics in Genealogy (George Lake)
  • Early Canadian Newspapers at the University of Calgary Library
  • 200 Remarkable Alberta women (Kay Sanderson)
  • Y2K Project
  • Gordon Wesley Hodgson, 1924-2000
  • My Favourite Ancestor: Mary-Jane Wescott Edwards (Joanne Barnard)
  • My Favourite Ancestor: George Jessop (Valerie Johnstone)
  • My Favourite Ancestor: Mary Elizabeth Rogers (Inge Leavell)
  • Recent Donations to the AFHS Library
  • Population Growth in Western Canada
  • AFHS Memberships as of December 1999
  • Recent Acquisitions at the Calgary Public Library, W.R. Castell Central Branch (Cathy Mayhood)
  • New Members' Surname Interests (Robin Nixon & Janet Morgan)
  • Recent Acquisitions at the AFHS Library
  • Report on the Canadian Census Issue (Robert Westbury)
  • Grandpa and the Ogopogo (Jan Roseneder)
  • Highlights from exchange journals received in the AFHS library to November, 1999 (Helen Backhouse & Lorna Stewart)

Volume 20 No. 3

  • Record Crossing Records
  • Canada Census 2001
  • United States Civil War Veterans in Alberta
  • My Favourite Ancestor: James Murray (A Ialeen Colsell)
  • Gensoft 2000: Latest vresion a great success
  • The Publication Supermarket (Nancy Carson)
  • Legal Abbreviations found in Wills
  • New Members' Surname Interests
  • Highlights from Exchange Journals Received in the AFHS Library to February 2000 (Helen Backhouse and Lorna Stewart)

Volume 20 No. 4

  • Museum of the Regiments Museum and Library (Jan Roseneder)
  • Canada Census Petition
  • The Lazy Genealogist - Assorted Notes (Jill Browne)
  • A Tribute to Janet Morgan (Judith Rempel)
  • Census Release Petition (Lois Sparling)
  • Review: With Heart and Soul, Calgary's Italian Community by Antonella Fanella (Ellen Kinghorn
  • recent Additions at the Calgary Public Library
  • My Favorite Ancestor: A Lady with Spirit (Gloria Moore)
  • AFHS Membership List as of December 2000
  • A Visit to the National Archives of Canada: The nitty gritty of my visit (Jill Browne)
  • Speaking of Local Libraries: Own Sound, Ontario, and the Tom Thomson Memorial Gallery (Jill Browne)
  • New Brunswick Genealogical Society Conference
  • Review: French Connection by Rett MacPherson (Jan Roseneder)
  • A Quiz
  • Census Taker
  • Exchange Journals Received in the AFHS Library (Helen Backhouse and Lorna Stewart)
  • Y2K Goodbye! (Jill Browne)