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18 Jul 2002



Volume 19 No. 1

  • Doin' the Highland thing, or a visit to the ends of the earth (Bill Mumford)
  • Editorial: It's time to write to your [Canadian] Member of Parliament (Doug Stobbs)
  • Suggested topics to include in letters to MPs
  • Alberta Members of Parliament and their ridings
  • Recording genealogical events (Philip P. Thorpe, CG(C))
  • Recent acquisitions at the Castell Library [downtown Calgary branch] (Cathy Mayhood)
  • Medical procedures afloat, 1841 (Frank Morrow)
  • Mailing list tidbits (Cyndi Howells)
  • Glossary of terms: Medical (Daniel H. Burrows)
  • Self test: How are you doing on your family history research? (Gwenn Hammond)
  • The evolution of the NB [New Brunswick] counties
  • The Millenium Bug: What does it mean for family historians? (Barney Tyrwhitt-Drake)
  • Glossary of terms: Legal/Historical (Daniel H. Burrows)
  • Highlights from exchange journals received in the AFHS library (Helen Backhouse and Lorna Stewart)

Volume 19 No. 2

  • Scotland's New Register House (RoseMarie McLean)
  • Guest Editorial: Lobbying should continue for release of post-1901 census information (Larry Gilchrist)
  • AFHS Research Service
  • Barking up the Wrong Tree (Suddie Mumford)
  • Genealogy Cornerstones (Millses, editors, National Genealogical Society Quarterly)
  • Donations to the AFHS library
  • New publications purchased by the AFHS library
  • Ashburton, Methodism and the Joints (RoseMarie McLean)
  • The millennium bug infects family history (Jake Gehring)
  • Recent Acquisitions at the W.R. Castell Central Library (Cathy Mayood)
  • Unions of Churches in Canada leading toward The United Church of Canada
  • Special Collection of Compact Disks at the Calgary Family History Center (Douglas A. Stobbs)
  • Highlights from Exchange Journals Received in the AFHS Library: Sept-Nov 1998 (Helen Backhouse and Lorna Stewart)
  • AFHS Members as of December 1998

Volume 19 No. 3

  • We wuz robbed! The modus operandi of Gustave Anjou (Robert Charles Anderson, CG, FASO)
  • Editorial: To the battlements (Doug Stobbs)
  • Gustave, we hardly knew ye (gordon L. Remington)
  • Using maps in your family history (John Becker)
  • More on the 1911 Census (Lyn Winters)
  • The Learning Company's Genealogy Community Advisory
  • Special collection compact disks at the Calgary Family History Center (Douglas H. Stobbs)
  • Upcoming events
  • Heritage cemeteries (Lillian Myers)
  • Ruth Duncan [obituary]

Volume 19 No. 1

  • Ellis Island's Myths and Misconceptions (Jayare Roberts)
  • Editorial: Immigration to North America (Doug Stobbs)
  • GEDCOM: What it is; where it's going? (Bill Mumford)
  • Photographic Restoration and Preservation (Joel L. Pullan)
  • Book Review: Murder in Missouri (Jan Rosenader)
  • Highlights from exchange journals received in the AFHS library (Helen Backhouse and Lorna Stewart)
  • Donations
  • Index for Chinook, Volume 19