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18 Jul 2002


Chinook: Volume 18

Volume 18 No. 1

  • Shielding the dead for the sake of the living (Linda Turk)
  • Editorial: An invitation -- A right to tell? (Doug Stobbs)
  • Twentieth century research: Effectie search strategies for the advanced genealogist(Brian W. Hutchison, C.G., F.S.A. (Scotland)
  • Grandma climbed the family tree (Virginia Day McDonald)
  • Eight flags over Milk River, and the forgotten one (Geoff Burtonshaw)
  • Abbreviations -- How's that again? (Michael Armstrong)
  • What's happening and where ...
  • Regnal years
  • Book review: Genealogy of murder: A Deb Ralston mystery (Jan Roseneder
  • Census dates (Canada and United States)
  • Query
  • 1871 Ontario Census: Southern Ontario townships, counties, NAC film numbers
  • Table of weights, dimensions

Volume 18 No. 2

  • Using a law library for family history research (Lois Sparling)
  • Editorial: Funding success (Doug Stobbs)
  • Halbert's - Up to old tricks (Richard W. Eastman)
  • Grandpa and the family tree
  • Evidence!: Citation and analysis for the family historian (Richard W. Eastman)
  • Suspect/inspect all sources (Linda C. Ruscitto)
  • Neya Powagans: Metis trails - Hamelin/Amelin and the Pied Piper (Geoff Burtonshaw)
  • To tell the truth:
    The subject really causes me no concern (Bill Mumford)
    Public or perish ..... or is it publish and perish (Frank Morrow)
    Publishing turkey stealing and family massacres (Gordon Hodson)
  • What's happening and where
  • Highlights from exchange journals (Helen Backhouse and Lorna Stewart)
  • AFHS membership list for 1998
  • Ex libris (Joan Hudson)

Volume 18 No. 3

  • Empress of ireland: Canada's Titanic in 1914
  • Editorial: AFHS Library Getting Crowded (Doug Stobbs)
  • Is There a Doctor in Your Family Tree: A Historical Look at Medical Practice and Sources in Canada (Xenia Stanford)
  • Pied Piper of Hamelin
  • Book Review: Here Be the Dragons! Navigating the Hazards Found in Canadian Family Research (Ruth Duncan)
  • Book Review: Germanic Genealogy (Marianne Wilkat)
  • Beginner Internet Books
  • Saskatchewan Residents Index.
  • Surname Index: Proof-of-Age Documents in Alberta
  • Research Interests, [New] AFHS Members
  • Alberta Timeline
  • What's Happening and Where ...
  • Book Review: Evidence (Richard Eastman)

Volume 18 No. 4

  • Government Bureaucracy Closes Census Records (Lyn Winters)
  • AFHS History (Sheila Johnston)
  • Book Review: Murder Runs in the Family (Anne George)
  • Is There a Doctor in your Family Tree? (Xenia Stanford)
  • Saskatchewan Residents' Index
  • Book Review: The Family Tree Detective (Doug Stobbs)
  • Family History Library Announcements of Several Hundred Million Computerized Records
  • Highlights from Exchange Journals Receive din the AFHS Library (Helen Backhouse and Lorna Stewart)
  • Chinook Index for 1997-98