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FamilyRoots events


Upcoming events


March 8, 2016 - Write Your Life/Family History! A series of 10 classes featuring Chinook editor Michele Buhler as the instructor.


Visit our Education page for more information.


Previous events

Nov. 2014 - John Althouse - John gave a fantastic talk on why we must write our stories and how to bring the elements of our research together to do so.


April 2014 - Spend the day with Dave Obee! A most excellent seminar on genealogy in Canada.


Oct. 2010 - New Horizons in Genealogy, presented by Dick Eastman, Lyn Meehan, Thomas MacEntee and others. Topics included social media, organization and "Squeezing Records Until they Talk."


May 2010 - Forensic Genealogy, presented by Colleen Fitzpatrick, Ph.D. Dr. Fitzpatrick is widely renowned for her innovative forensic approach to genealogical research.


May 2008 - Christopher Watts: a series of lectures. Mr. Watts is a lecturer and writer of numerous articles and books. He has been on staff at the National Archives of the UK since 1997.