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Alberta Timeline

1700s - 1800s - 1900s


1754 First European, Anthony Henday, arrives in Alberta
1788 First North West Company post built in Peace River district
1795 First Edmonton House established
1799 Rocky Mountain House established


1837 Smallpox epidemic, two-thirds of Blackfoot Confederacy perish
1840 First Methodist mission established in Edmonton
1843 Father Thibault establishes mission at Lac Ste. Anne
1852 Father Lacombe arrives in Alberta
1854 Rev. R.T. Rundle, Methodist missionary, arrives in Alberta
1863 Father Lacombe establishes St. Albert mission
1867 British North America Act, creating Dominion of Canada
  • Crowfoot becomes chief of the Blackfoot tribe
  • First permanent whiskey post established (Fort Whoop-up), near site of Lethbridge
  • Transfer of control of Rupert's Land from Hudson's Bay Company to Dominion of Canada
1872 Dominion Land Act passed, offering free homestead of 160 acres
  • Land Survey begins
  • 1873 North West Mounted Police formed
  • 49th Parallel surveyed
  • Northwest Mounted Police (NWMP) march west, build post Fort Macleod
1875 Fort Calgary established as NWMP fort
1876 & 1877 Signing of Treaties No. 6 & 7
1879 Great buffalo herds gone
1880 Edmonton Bulletin" begins publication, first newspaper in Alberta
  • Dominion census enumeration, included the North West Territory
  • Commercial ranching begins in the foothills, yearly leases available for one cent per acre
1882 North West Territories divided into four districts: Alberta; Assiniboia East; Assiniboia West; Saskatchewan; Unorganized Territories
  • Canadian Pacific railway reaches Calgary, first passenger train Aug 10
  • "Calgary Herald" begins publication
  • Calgary incorporated as a town, population 400
  • Northwest Territories (NWT) Public School Act passed
  • Edmonton and District Telephone Company established
  • North West Rebellion Alberta Field Force raised
1886 "Calgary Tribune" begins publication (1889 becomes "The Albertan")
  • Cardston founded by Charles O. Card and other Mormons from Utah
  • First union (locomotive firemen) formed at Medicine Hat, most trades organized by 1906
1888 Anglican Diocese of Calgary formed, included Edmonton
1889 Germans from Ukraine settled at Dunmore, near Medicine Hat
1890 First Swedish settlers arrive in Thorsby - Malmo District
  • Dominion Census, included District of Alberta
  • Calgary-Edmonton Railway opened
  • French settlement established by Father Morin at Morinville
  • Icelandic settlement established at Markerville
  • Ukrainian settlement established at Edna-Star
  • Mennonites from Eastern Canada and US settled near Coaldale
  • Small Jewish settlement established east of Red Deer
  • Father Lacombe establishes St. Paul de Metis
  • Klondike gold rush in Yukon Territory
  • Clifford Sifton, Minister of Interior, makes radical changes to immigration policy
  • Construction begins on Crowsnest Pass railway
  • Civil Registration of vital statistics begins in District of Alberta


  • Dominion Census, included District of Alberta
  • Alberta Territory population 73,022
  • Small group of Japanese settled at Raymond
  • Barr Colonists arrived at Lloydminster
  • Frank Slide, Crowsnest Pass
1904 City of Edmonton buys Edmonton & District Telephone Company
  • Province of Alberta created
  • 1905 Canadian Northern Railway reaches Edmonton
  • Calgary Normal School opened
  • Alberta Government Telephones established
  • University of Alberta established at Edmonton
  • US into Alberta border crossing records begin, kept until 1918
  • Bellevue Mine Explosion, Crowsnest Pass
  • 160 Blacks from Oklahoma settle in Amber Valley
1911 Alberta Population 374,000
1913 Anglican Diocese of Edmonton formed
  • Hillcrest Mine Explosion
  • Oil discovered in Turner Valley
  • Alberta population 470,000
  • Railroad reaches Peace River
  • Provincial franchise extended to women
  • Alberta Provincial Police established
  • Provincial Institute of Technology established in Calgary
  • Spanish Influenza epidemic reaches Alberta, wearing of face masks mandatory in public
  • 1918 Federal franchise extended to women
1920 Royal North West Mounted Police becomes Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Mennonite Settlers arrive after fleeing Russia
  • United Church of Canada formed from Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregationalist churches
1930 Alberta Provincial Police disbanded, RCMP assume policing responsibility
1939 Seven Metis settlements come into being after passing of Metis Betterment Act
1940 National Registration of everyone over age of 18
1945 Calgary Normal School becomes part of Faculty of Education, University of Alberta
1947 Beginning of oil boom with successful drilling at Leduc
1955 Establishment of the Glenbow Alberta Institute and Archives in Calgary
1960 First buildings of University of Alberta at Calgary opened
1963 Alberta Archives established
1964 Oil Sands development at Fort McMurray began
1966 University of Calgary established as autonomous institution
  • University of Lethbridge established
  • Divorce Act, first federal legislation, greatly expanded grounds for divorce
1995 Adoption laws amended allowing people to search for birth parents or children given up for adoption through search agencies