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18 Jul 2002


Nominal Rolls: V

50th Battalion 1914-1915
3rd, 12th and 13th Regiments Canadian Mounted Rifles 1915-1916
Canadian Expeditionary Force

Regimental No./Rank Name Former Corps Next of Kin Country of Birth Enlistment Corps
Name Address Place Date
435556 Private Vair, Joseph Nil Vair, Samuel P.O., Stafford Village, Lethbridge, Alta. England Calgary Aug. 20, 1915 50th Battalion
435280 Private Vale, Arthur Nil Vales, Miss Dora Connaught Subdivision, Calgary, Alta. England Calgary 7-Jun-15 50th Battalion
435271 Private Valentine, Henry Nil Derbyshire, Mrs. James Drumheller, Alta. England Calgary 5-Jun-15 50th Battalion
696536 Trooper Van, Charles Norman Nil Van, Mrs. Nancy Port Haney, B.C. Canada Medicine Hat Mar. 15, 1916 13th Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles
552943 Trooper Van Orman, Herschel Harrison Nil Van Orman, Ransom A. Taber, Alta. U.S.A. Taber Mar. 27, 1916 13th Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles
434955 Private Varndell, William George T. Nil Varndell, Mrs. Ada P.O. Box 86, Gleichen Alta. England Calgary Feb. 9, 1915 50th Battalion (2nd Rfts)
434895 Private Vaughan, Frank W. Nil Vaughan, Ben Nuidson, N.S. Canada Calgary Feb. 8, 1915 50th Battalion
108598 L.-Corporal Vayro, George Nil Vayro, Ruth P.O. Box 14, Taber, Alta. England Medicine Hat Jan. 11, 1915 3rd Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles
108599 Private Veitch, George Nil Veitch, David Upperdysart, Montrose, Scotland Scotland Medicine Hat Jan. 15, 1915 3rd Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles
228315 Trooper Veloski, John Nil Veloski, Mrs. Shfonina Kamlno, Podslikoy, Gole, Russia Russia Calgary 3-May-16 13th Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles
434689 Private Venables, Ralph E. Nil Veneables, Mrs. Emily 633 - 2nd Ave. N.W. Calgary, Alta. England Calgary Feb. 2, 1915 50th Battalion
434665 Private Vickery, Ernest James 103rd Regt. Vickery, Thomas Pugham Farm, Burlescombe, England England Calgary Feb. 1, 1915 50th Battalion (1st Rfts)
435229 Private Villeneuve, Paul Nil Kipling, Mrs. Julia 520 - 24th Ave. N., Calgary, Alta. Canada Calgary 27-May-15 50th Battalion
435683 Private Vine, Henry William Nil Vine, Victor 612 - 8th Ave. W., Calgary Alta. England Calgary Sept. 8, 1915 50th Battalion
434500 Private Vipond, Wilton Edwin Nil Vipond, Isaac F. R.R. No. l, Didsbury, Alta. Canada Calgary Jan. 25, 1915 50th Battalion
117598 Trooper Vivian, Harold Edward Nil Vivian, Ivy Nazareth House, Lawrence Rd., Southsea, Portsmouth, Eng. England Calgary Jan. 5, 1915 12th Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles
228253 Trooper Vleurink, Phileon Nil Herbroek, Madame Grace Alost, Belgium Belgium Calgary 24-Apr-16 13th Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles
435059 Private Volze, John Hedges Territorials Volze, John 79 Limes Rd., West Croydon, Surrey, England England Calgary 7-Apr-15 50th Battalion
108600 Private Voysey, Harold John 19th Dragoons Voysey, Mrs. Elizabeth Wootton Downs, Woodstock, Oxford, England England Edmonton Dec. 30, 1914 3rd Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles