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Available here are indexes of censuses of several municipalities in the Eastern area of the Province of Ontario, Canada. The information in the indexes was transcribed in abbreviated form, without verification, for personal use, from microfilm copies of original records. Accordingly the data is incomplete and, in the absence of verification, there is a definite, but unknown, error level.

The purpose of the indexes is to enable users to quickly and conveniently locate particular items on microfilm copies of the original censuses in order that they may have a full and accurate record.

The years covered range from 1841 to 1901 and the muncipalities include:

  • In Grenville county: the townships of Oxford-on-Rideau and South Gower and the village of Kemptville, and
  • In Carleton county: the townships of Goulbourne, Marlborough and North Gower,and the village of Richmond.

To assist researchers, a PDF Names file has been produced listing, in alphabetic order, however spelled, all the family names (Famnames) in the indexes. For every spelling variation the names of the townships and the years in which that form of the name occurred are displayed. Ingenuity and care when browsing the PDF file for names is highly recommended.

For each township, and for each census year, there are two indexes. In one index, the names are in the order in which the inhabitants were initially enumerated. In the second index, the names are in alphabetic order. The 'Names' file will direct the researcher to particular townships and years. Then the particular names can be easily located in the alphabetic index of those townships and years. For those who wish to find the family group in the original enumeration order, the 'Div', 'Pg' and 'No' references lead to the group's location in the index which has not been alphabetically ordered.

If the name you're searching for is not in the PDF 'Names' file, then it isn't in the indexes.

The indexes that are currently available are:

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada