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1 January 2005


Land Assessments

In Ontario, municipalities are required by law to assess each year the value of each unit of real property within the municipality. The assessor records that value and certain other information in an 'Assessment Roll'. The aggregate value of the properties in the municipality is used to establish a tax rate which is applied to the assessed value of each property in order to calculate the municipal land tax payable by the owner of that property. The value of assessment rolls to genealogists lies mainly in the fact that they are prepared annually and therefore identify residents in years in which no census is produced. As well, they relate each person to a specific location, by concession and lot, within the municipality. In the 1830's the assessor was required to record the number of persons in the family group by sex and by age, either above or below 16 years.

These indexes have been transcribed in abbreviated form, for personal use, without verification, from microfilm copies of the original assessment rolls of the townships of Marlborough in Carleton county and Oxford-on-Rideau in Grenville county. Since they are indexes, only part of the data recorded by the assessor has been transcribed. And since they have not been verified, there is a definite, but unknown, error level. They are being made available, as is, to assist individuals who are researching families in these townships.

In every case, because the indexes contain transcription errors and are only partial transcriptions, users must refer to the microfilm copies of the original assessment rolls for full and accurate data.

How to Search ...

To assist researchers, a PDF 'Names' file has been provided listing in alphabetic order, however spelled, all of the family names (famnames) with the related forenames in the database. For each name listed the years and the names of the townships in which that name appears are identified. The actual transcriptions are in PDF files, by decades, by townships.

The files provided:

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