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6 May 2012


Military Abbreviations - Canada, World War I

The National Archives of Canada has a great many records pertaining to individuals military personnel from World War I service. Those records are littered with abbreviations familiar at the time, but now may be obscure. The following abbreviations and their meanings have been extracted from a two-page document that accompanies records acquired from the National Archives. Thanks to AFHS member, Frank Morrow, for bringing this information to our attention.

To search the WW I records held, please consult the Soldiers of the First World War (1914-1918) database.

Adj Adjutant
adm admitted
ARD Alberta Regimental Depot
att'd attached
auth authorized, authority
AWL Absent without leave
Batt'n, Bn Battalion
BCRD British Columbia Regimental Depot
BEF British Expeditionary Force
Bty Battery
CADC Canadian Army Dental Corps
CAMC Canadian Army Medical Corps
CASC Canadian Army Service Corps
Cav Cavalry
CBD Canadian Base Details
CCAC Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre
CCCC Canadian Corps Composite Company
CCD Canadian Convalescent Depot
CCRC Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp
CCS Casualty Clearing Station
CDD Canadian Discharge Depot
CDAC Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column
CE Canadian Engineers
CEF Canadian Expeditionary Force
CERD Canadian Engineer Reinforcement Depot
CFA Canadian Field Ambulance
CFA Canadian Field Artillery
CFC Canadian Forestry Corps
CGA Canadian Garrison Artillery
CGH Canadian General Hospital
CGR Canadian Garrison Regiment
CL Casualty List
CLH Canadian Light Horse
CMGC Canadian Machine Gun Corps
CMR Canadian Mounted Rifles
C of I Court of Inquiry
Com Command
Conv Convalescent
CORD Central Ontario Regimental Depot
Coy Company
CRCR Canadian Reserve Calvary Regiment
CRT Canadian Railway Troops
CSM Company Sergeant-Major
DAC Divisional Ammunition Company
DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal
dis discharged
Div Division
DO Daily Order (of a unit)
D of W Died of wounds
Dvr Driver
emb embarked
EORD Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot
Frac Fractured
GC Badge Good Conduct Badge
Gen General
GHQ General Headquarters
Gnr Gunner
GSW Gunshot Wound
GOC General Officer Commanding
HMS His Majesty's Service
HMT His Majesty's Troopship
Hosp Hospital
HOW Howitzer
HQ Headquarters
inv "wd" invalided wounded
KIA Killed in action
LG (Lon. Gaz.) London Gazette
LMB Light Mortar Battery
LSH Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)
M&D Medals & Decorations
MC Military Cross
MD Military District (or Depot)
MIA Missing in action
MID Mentioned-in-Dispatches
Mil Military
Miss missing
MM Military Medal
MRD Manitoba Regimental Depot
NSRD Nova Scotia Regimental Depot
NYD not yet determined
OC Officer Commanding
OMFC Overseas Military Forces of Canada
O.S. Overseas
P&S Plaque & Scroll (Memorial)
Pnr Pioneer
PPCLI Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
pres presumed
Proc proceeded
Pte Private
Pt. II O Part II Orders
PUO Pyrexia of unknown origin
QRD Quebec Regimental Depot
RAF Royal Air Force
RCD Royal Canadian Dragoons
RCHA Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
RCR Royal Canadian Regiment
rem remained
rept reported
Res Reserve
RFB Reported from Base
RFC Royal Flying Corps
RSM Regimental Sergeant-Major
RTC Returned to Corps
RTU Returned to Unit
SEF Siberian Expeditionary Force
SOS Struck off strength (of a unit)
Spr Sapper
SS Steamship
Staty Stationary (Hospital)
SW Shrapnel (Shell) wound
TMB Trench Mortar Battery
TOS Taken on strength (of a unit)
Tpr Trooper
trans transferred
unk unknown
w, (w) wounded
WORD Western Ontario Regimental Depot