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18 Jul 2002


Christ Church Cemetery Index, Millarville, Alberta 1992

These data were compiled by AFHS volunteers in 1992, based on both monument and burial information. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, but human errors are always possible. Confirming the information with personal observation or other sources is always advisable.

Have a Query?Basic information has been provided on this website. Additional information (e.g., monument inscriptions and burial information that may include exact birth and death dates, parents, spouse, etc.) may be available in some cases and can be obtained through out query process. A small fee will apply.

Alternatively, many cemetery indexes have been prepared as paper publications by the AFHS and are available for purchase.

Name Birth-Death
AIRD, Mabel E. 1894-1971
AIRD, Mr. Campbell (res)  
ANDERSON, D. (res)  
ANDERSON, I. -1982
ANDERSON, Ian Kenneth 1932-1991
ANDERSON, Kenneth 1904-1991
ANDERSON, Wm. (res)  
ANDREWS, Edwin 1879-1944
ANDREWS, Florence 1879-1966
ATKINSON, M. (res)  
BACKS, (res)  
BACKS, (res)  
BACKS, (res)  
BACKS, Hans Ludwig 1906-1967
BACKS, Merle Agnes (res)  
BACKS, Robert Hans 1939-1982
BARKER, Daphne 1928-1928
BARKER, Dorean 1928-1928
BARRABLE, Linda Dianne 1949-1977
BARRABLE, Matty (res)  
BARRETT, H. W. L. 1864-1947
BEHM, Edward L. 1895-1978
BILLINGTON, E. Earl 1932-1965
BILLINGTON, Mary Ann (res)  
BLACKBURN, Frederick Sr.  
BLACKLOCK, Adam 1881-1958
BLACKLOCK, David B. 1889-1965
BORGAL, Pearl Violet 1911-1993
BOULTON, Michael Guy 1954-1954
BROWN, Eileen (res)  
BROWN, Shorty (res)  
BROWN, Warner Doyle 1953-1986
BUIJS, Cathy Rae 1949-1989
BULL, Charles 1878-1979
BULL, George W. 1909-1989
BULL, Grace D. (res) 1916-
BULL, Kate 1888-1962
BURROWS, Janette B. (res) 1902-
BURROWS, Royal H. 1901-1981
CAMPBELL, Gordon  
CAMPBELL, Helga 1912-1968
CANE, Albert C. 1872-1944
CANE, Sarah 1875-1963
CANNON, Albert Stuart 1870-1932
CANNON, Miriam How 1879-1959
CANNON, Nevill Gladstone 1921-1975
CANNON, P. (res)  
CARRY, Eileen Alexandria 1902-1988
CARRY, James Cpl. # 3208447 -1970
CARRY, Robert L. 1894-1966
CAWTHORNE, Arthur J. 1885-1969
CAWTHORNE, Eliza J. 1888-1970
CHALMERS, D. (res)  
CHALMERS, R. (res)  
CHAMPION, Norman Glenister 1911-1972
CHAMPION, Violet Alberta 1917-1980
CONNOP, R. E. (res)  
CONNOP, R. E. (res)  
CONNOP, R. E. (res)  
COX, -1974
CRAM, Anna (res) 1911-
CRAM, Arthur Jack 1909-1979
CROSS, (res)  
CROSS, A. E. (res)  
CROSS, James Braehead 1903-1990
CUFFLING, Agnes Mary 1914-1929
CUFFLING, John Coleman 1877-1936
CUNNINGHAM, Orville Desmond  
CUTLER, B. (res)  
CUTLER, Garnet B. 1903-1982
DE PALEZIEUX, Eugene 1884-1958
DE PALEZIEUX, Marie 1887-1962
DEMILL, Howard T. 1886-1962
DEMILLE, Howard  
DENNING, Charles W. 1925-1965
DENNING, Charlotte (res)  
DUNFORD, Joan 1901-1991
DUNFORD, John Oswald Hugh 1901-1974
DUTTON, Murial  
EARL, (res)  
EARL, (BLAKEMAN) (res)  
EDEN, Annie 1910-1981
EDEN, Edward H. Pte. # 026192 -1968
ELLARD, (res)  
ELLARD, (res)  
ELLARD, Marg (res)  
ELLARD, Ray (res)  
EVANS, David 1871-1937
EVANS, Mary Ann 1871-1953
FORD, Tom  
FOSTER, Ann (res)  
FOSTER, Leslie Henry 1914-1984
FOSTER, Mrs.  
FREEMAN, Hon. Lillian 1872-1956
FREEMAN, Leonard 1870-1952
FREEMAN, Ronald Byng 1894-1940
GAMBLE, Mr. Douglas B. (res)  
GAMBLE, Opal 1919-1972
GLAISTER, David Oliver 1892-1974
GLAISTER, Margaret McKee 1898-1973
GOLDIE, Mary E.  
GOODISON, Dan (res)  
GOODISON, Donna Marlene 1938-1979
GOYETTE, Joan (res)  
GOYETTE, Robert James 1947-1977
GRANT, D. (res)  
GRANT, Twin  
GRANT, Twin  
GRANT, W. (res)  
GREGG, (res)  
GREGG, Florence Mae 1890-1989
GREGG, Hamlet Pilkington Huband 1890-1962
GREGG, Huband Thornton Raymond 1915-1990
GRENVILLE, Annie 1855-1936
GRIFFITHS, Andrew Aaron 1972-1991
GRIFFITHS, Arlen (MONKAN) (res)  
GRIFFITHS, F. (res)  
GRIFFITHS, Stanley 1921-1987
GRIFFITHS, W. (res)  
GWYNE, C. (res)  
GWYNE, C. (res)  
GWYNE, E. (res) -1992
GWYNE, F. (res/crem)  
GWYNE, J. (res)  
GWYNE, L. (res/crem)  
HANEY, Bert 1912-1977
HANEY, Vera (LEONHARDT) 1921-1990
HARDWICK, Cyril D. 1881-1963
HARDWICK, Henrietta Pattullo "Etta" 1890-1982
HARDWICK, Hockley P. 1925-1955
HARGREAVES, Elisah 1874-1960
HARTELL, John Frances "Pat" 1895-1989
HARTELL, Mary Elizabeth 1893-1970
HARVEY, Winnifred Lillian 1890-1989
HEHR, Anne (res)  
HEHR, Dean Edward 1964-1987
HEHR, Dennis (res)  
HOLDEN, Beatrice (res)  
HOLDEN, Kathleen Ada 1897-1991
HOLDEN, Mr. F. M. (res)  
HORNE, B. (res)  
HORNE, Jean Dorotheoi 1906-1990
HULM, Harry 1888-1944
HUTCHINSON, Thomas Joseph 1950-1990
JACKSON, Bob (res)  
JACKSON, D. W. (res)  
JACKSON, Ester Olive 1903-1991
JACKSON, George  
JACKSON, Ida Jane Gertrude 1915-1988
JACKSON, Jo Ann (res)  
JACKSON, John 1909-1982
JACKSON, M. (res)  
JACKSON, M. (res)  
JACKSON, Mary 1870-1949
JACKSON, W. R. (res)  
JACKSON, William 1855-1942
JACKSON, William 1894-1973
JAMESON, Eileen Elizabeth 1908-1992
JAMESON, Frances Grace 1871-1954
JAMESON, Thomas 1867-1955
JAMESON, William Thomas Lawrence 1911-1953
JAMISON, Sheilagh (res)  
KEIGHLEY, Basil (res)  
KEIGHLEY, Mary (res)  
KEMP, R. J. -1992
KEMP, W. A. (res)  
KERFOOT, Lucy 1908-1987
KERFOOT, Percy C. 1900-1981
KIERAN, E. J. 1846-1938
KINDER, Baby -1969
KING, (res)  
KING, Charles Wilson 1920-1988
KING, Daisy E. 1929-
KING, J. R. (Jack) 1892-1982
KING, John Rowley 1936-1990
KING, Margaret 1888-1948
KING, Margaret B. 1912-1963
KING, Olga Maria 1938-1950
KING, Richard Henry Cornwallis 1910-1980
KING, William Henry 1875-1941
KNIGHTS, Annie Mary 1865-1965
KNIGHTS, Richard 1863-1953
KOSLING, John Fredereick 1889-1979
KYDD, Isabella Corsar 1867-1938
LATTER, Grace (res)  
LATTER, Roy (res)  
LAYCRAFT, Arlie Eugene 1912-1989
LAYCRAFT, Veryl A. (res) 1914-
LEDUC, Verna (res)  
LEE, Helen 1902-1923
LEE, Henry Lancelot 1862-1933
LEE, Jennie Mabel 1874-1950
LEE, Miss Alice  
LEE, Miss Florence  
LEIGHTON, Barbara Mary 1909-1986
LORENZEN, Helen (res)  
LORENZEN, John (res)  
LYALL, Alec (res)  
LYALL, Mrs. A. (res)  
MACKLIN, Hugh George 1893-1977
MACKLIN, Mrs. H. G. (res)  
MACMILLAN, Baby -1943
MACMILLAN, Thomas 1910-1974
MANNIX, (res)  
MANNIX, (res)  
MANNIX, Lorin -1981
MANNIX, Margaret Ruth BOUGHTON 1916-1979
MANNIX, Mrs. -1981
MASON, daughter  
MASON, Sidney J. 1920-1986
MCARTHUR, F. (res)  
MCARTHUR, Walter James 1891-1979
MCBEE, Cyrus  
MCINNIS, Karin 1909-1988
MCINNIS, William John 1899-1986
MILLAR, Helen A. 1864-1943
MILLAR, Malcolm T. 1860-1937
MITCHELL, Lineham  
MITCHELL, Marion Matilda 1894-1980
MITCHELL, Mrs Lineham -1982
MORRISON, Barbara A. 1917-
MORRISON, Gordon Angus 1910-1978
MULDER, (res)  
MULDER, R. (res)  
NEILSON, Charles A. 1879-1958
NEILSON, Maud Helena 1879-1961
NELSON, Amelia 1877-1967
NELSON, Betty (res)  
NELSON, Everil (res)  
NELSON, John Leonard 1907-1978
NEWMAN, David Michael 1990-1991
NICHOLSON, Bob (res)  
NICHOLSON, Elizabeth Hope 1899-1983
OLLIVE, (res) 1900-
OLLIVE, Percy Eugene (Gene) 1890-1981
PALISTER, Edith (res)  
PALLISTER, William P. 1904-1981
PARKER, W. (res)  
PATERSON, Margaret G. 1890-1970
PATTERSON, Art (res)  
PATTERSON, Edith E. 1876-1969
PATTERSON, Francis David 1871-1941
PATTERSON, Lorna Dee 1945-1946
PATTERSON, Theresa (res)  
PEAT, James 1876-1939
PEKSY, Stella 1916-1983
PEKSY, Ted (res)  
PHILLIPS, Mary Bertha 1876-1939
PHILLIPS, Walter -1948
POLLOCK, Isaac Monkhouse 1877-1962
PRETTY, L. (res)  
PRETTY, M. (res)  
PROCTER, Ada Lee 1880-1966
PROCTER, Ada Lee 1880-1966
REIMER, Barbara 1912-1987
REIMER, Jake 1915-1970
RENCH, Francis Hershell 1891-1980
RENCH, Minie Laura 1896-1973
RIDGEAWAY, Elizabeth (res)  
RIDGEAWAY, John -1987
RIIS, Christian 1909-1989
RIIS, Jessie (res)  
ROBERTSON, Jack 1913-1973
ROBERTSON, Lily 1888-1969
RODGERS, Harry  
SANDBURG, Mr. (res)  
SANDBURG, Mrs. (res)  
SANDERSON, J. (res)  
SANDERSON, R. (res)  
SAXBY, Marion (res)  
SAXBY, Morley Ivan -1991
SAXBY, William G. 1934-1985
SCHAAL, John Frederick 1910-1991
SCHAAL, L. E. (res)  
SCHAAL, Sophie L. (res) 1916-
SCHAAL, W. H. (res)  
SCHULTZ, Jacqueline  
SCHULTZ, Michael 1950-1950
SCOTT, George 1871-1965
SCOTT, Joseph 1915-1972
SCOTT, Sarah Ellen 1880-1977
SENIOR, Frederick Blackburn 1875-1927
SHARPE, Kathleen "Bubs"  
SILVESTER, (res)  
SILVESTER, Albert 1912-1965
SILVESTER, Alice 1889-1960
SILVESTER, Ernest G. 1886-1964
SILVESTER, Thomas 1934-1958
SINCLAIR-SMITH, Francis 1894-1966
SINCLAIR-SMITH, Helen Preston  
SMITH, Corinne Alice 1924-1984
SMITH, Ken -1983
SMYTH, Mrs. Brenda (res)  
SMYTH, Robert A. 1950-1977
SPINK, Walter  
SPINKS. Mrs.  
SPRING, Germaine 1900-1987
STANDISH, Arthur Bryce 1920-1960
STANDISH, Baby -1979
STANDISH, Grant (res)  
STANDISH, Hazel (res)  
STANDISH, Jean (res)  
STANDISH, Joseph 1877-1964
STANDISH, Sarah 1884-1978
STANDISH, Wayne Philip 1953-1988
STEEVES, K. L. (res)  
STEEVES, M. Patricia 1909-1965
STOCKFORD, Charles Percival 1891-1980
STOCKWELL, Dewain Delmer (Buck) 1919-1984
STOCKWELL, William Lavern (Bill) 1921-1984
STURROCK, Capt. Charles Black 1884-1938
STURROCK, Irene Mary Violet 1893-1981
TARRY, Arnold Godfrey 1912-1985
TARRY, Bryce Arnold 1978-1979
TARRY, Margaret (res) 1916-
TAYLOR, Cecilia (res) 1911-
TAYLOR, Robert William 1911-1984
THOMAS, E. Harold 1876-1966
THOMAS, Edith A. L. 1881-1966
THOMPSON, Robert W. 1869-1932
TIDSWELL, (res)  
TIDSWELL, (res)  
TIDSWELL, John Eric Howard T. 1898-1987
TIDSWELL, W. H. H. T. 1940-1983
TREVENEN, Nesta Esme 1910-1984
TREVENEN, William Genn 1895-1985
TROTTER, Edith Lucy 1908-1979
WALLIS, Mrs.  
WELCH, John W. H. 1904-1943
WILDMAN, Thomas N. 1902-1960
WILLIAMS, Judith Anne (Judy) 1943-1984
WINTHROP, Edwin Lees 1881-1951
WINTHROP, Harriet Maud 1888-1963
WINTHROP, Marjorie 1914-1989
WINTHROP, William Edwin 1916-1992