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General Directory

Stipendiary Magistrate for the Northwest, Fort MacLeod & Calgary District
Colonel James F. McLeod

Representative of Calgary District to Northwest Council:
James D. Geddes

Inspectors of Northwest Mounted Police: Colonel Herchmer, Superintendent;
Major Dowling, Captain Antrobus

Justices of the Peace:

  • Col. Herchmer
  • Geroge Murdoch
  • Major Dowling
  • Richard Hardisty
  • Capt. Antrobus
  • T.A. McLean
  • Major Walker
  • Joseph H. Millward
  • Thomas S. Burns
District Court.
Major Thomas Dowling

J.G. Fitzgerald

Dominion Lands Office:
J. McD. Gordon, Agent
E. G. Kirby, Assistant

Timber Inspector:
C. L. Couin.

Forest Ranger:
G. F. Clark

Inspector of Weights and Measures:
R. T. Huggard

Registrar of Deeds:
T. A . McLean