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18 Jul 2002


Churches and Schools

Church of England

This church was organized last year by the appointment of the present incumbent, Rev. E. Paske Smith. The church was built last year by Mr. Henry Smith, builder, under the supervision of F. McCoskrie, Esq., architect. It is named the Church of the Redeemer. It is a frame structure handsomely designed and well built. It cost $2,000, and it is the prettiest place of worship in the town.

Presbyterian Church

This church was organized last year with Rev. Mr. Robertson in charge. It is a neat frame structure. The congregation have regular services and it is increasing Extensive improvements in the present building are in contemplation.

The Methodist Church

This denomination was one of the first to hold regular services in Calgary under Rev. Mr. Turner, who was succeeded by the Rev. Mr. Dyke, the present clergyman. The church is a large frame structure. Last year the congregation built a handsome parsonage, which is now occupied by the Rev. Mr. Dyke. There is a flourishing Sabbath school connected with the church and the congregation is quite large.

Roman Catholic Church

This church is at the mission half a mile south of the C. P. R. track. It is in charge of Rev. Pere LaComb. The building is partly log and partly frame and serves the two-fold purpose of mission house and chapel. The congregation numbers about 300.

School Arrangements

The school accommodation of Calgary are yet very limited. The expense so far has been borne by private subscription confined to a few friends of education. The school for several terms has been under the charge of Mr. S. Douglas.

The attendance has been steadily increasing, until it was found necessary to increase the room accommodation. The school is at present taught under the town hall, and is attended by upwards of fifty pupils. Last month voting took place on the erection of a school district and the district has been formally organized, so that in a short time a fine school house will be built and a first-class school running.