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18 Jul 2002


Calgary Herald Announcements - 1992

These pages reflect the extractions of birth and death announcements from the Calgary Herald in 1992. The birth announcements here represent roughly 2,000 announcements. Be sure to look for other sources of birth information beyond this site and such newspaper accounts, since these are only about 17% of the roughly 11,647 births which occurred in Calgary during 1992.

For further information regarding this and other extraction projects being undertaken by the AFHS, please send an email to: If you'd like additional information about a particular announcement, please use our Query system.

In all cases, the date of the announcement appears in parentheses following the announcement. For those who follow through and seek a microfilm copy of the Calgary Herald, you may want to look at a day or two before and after the posted date as sometimes the details are slightly modified. Microfilm copies are available at the Calgary Public Library as well as the University of Calgary library.

Credit for the 1992 extraction work should go to John Kempson.


As in any transcription, there may be errors, so all data retrieved from this site should be considered tentatively until confirmed with personal viewing of the microfilm copies of the identified newspaper or with other, primary documentation (e.g. first-hand accounts or copies of records that registered these events with church or government).