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18 Jul 2002


The Albertan, 1902 - R

Calgary Newspaper Announcements Online

Name Event Event Date Place of Event Additional Information Date of Publication
Rhodes, W.C. F 17 Jun 1902 Calgary born in Ireland, leaves wife and daughter. He was a businessman of Calgary, Manager of the Calgary Branch of Molson's Bank since 1897 18 Jun 1902
Rice-Jones, Ivor Edward C. M 10 Dec 1902 Cathedral Church of the Redeemer,Calgary of Grayburn, Assa. to Emily Bigland 19 Dec 1902
Ritchie, Staff Sergt. James M 20 Mar 1902 Calgary of N.W.M.P. to Jeanie Graham 21 Mar 1902
Rowe, Amos D   Holy Cross Hosp., Calgary age 66, survived by his wife. Mrs. Sutherland is his step daughter 30 Jul 1902