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18 Jul 2002


The Albertan, 1902 - L

Calgary Newspaper Announcements Online

Name Event Event Date Place of Event Additional Information Date of Publication
Laurendeau, P. M 28 Nov 1902 Edmonton, 5:30 AM, St. Joachims of Calgary, to Juliette Fairbanks 28 Nov 1902
Lewis, Maggie J. M 5 Nov 1902 Calgary only daughter of Mr. Joseph Lewis of Nose Creek to George Barker by Rev Herdman 07 Nov 1902
Linton, Mr D 28 May 1902 Chatham father of J.C. Linton of Calgary 04 Jun 1902
Linton, Richard D 5 Jun 1902 Chatham, Ont Mr. Linton came to Canada from Langholm, Scotland 50 years ago. His son James, of Calgary, son-in-law John Thomas, of Chicago, and nephew Rev A.P. Linton attended funeral 11 Jun 1902
Livingston, John M 10 Feb 1902 Calgary to Emma Mary Minesinger 11 Feb 1902
Love, Bessie M 5 Aug 1902 near Calgary of Calgary to Thomas W. Fullerton at the home of Mr. A. P. Patrick by Rev F. Langford 06 Aug 1902