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18 Jul 2002


The Albertan, 1902 - G

Calgary Newspaper Announcements Online

Name Event Event Date Place of Event Additional Information Date of Publication
Gilmore, Harriet M 17 Sep 1902 Calgary of Calgary, to Arthur Graves, by Rev F. Langford, at the home of J. R. Lewis, brother-in -law of bride 19 Sep 1902
Golding, Levia F. M 1 Oct 1902 Calgary youngest daughter of Mr. Gilbert N. Golding of Wickham NB, to Robert A. Begg, at the home of Mr. & Mrs H.G. Worden, by Rev Herdman 03 Oct 1902
Graham, Jeanie M 20 Mar 1902 Calgary second daughter of James E. Graham of Fort Saskatchewan, to Staff Sergt. James Ritchie 21 Mar 1902
Graves, Arthur M 17 Sep 1902 Calgary of Calgary to Harriet Gilmore 19 Sep 1902
Graves, Hilda Esther M 1 Dec 1902 Baptist Church, Calgary fourth daughter of Howard Graves Esq., of Calgary by Rev J.W. Litch BA 05 Dec 1902