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18 Jul 2002


The Albertan, 1902 - C

Calgary Newspaper Announcements Online

Name Event Event Date Place of Event Additional Information Date of Publication
Carlson, Alma B M 10 Dec 1902 Calgary to Percy G. Slings, by by Rev Litch 19 Dec 1902
Caselman, Lillie J M 27 Jun 1902 Calgary of Katrine Ont., to Frank E. Piper by Rev F. Langford 28 Jun 1902
Chapman, Edith M 12 Sep 1902 Calgary of Field BC, to Hugh Stanley Timmons by Rev F. Langford 19 Sep 1902
Cockbane, Annie D 2 Dec 1902 Nose Creek aged 23 yrs, beloved wife of M.W. Cockbane 05 Dec 1902
Codd, E. F. F 27 Nov 1902 Calgary funeral yesterday at 4:00 P.M. 28 Nov 1902
Collison, F. D 26 Jan 1902 Medicine Hat C.P.R. brakeman, as a result of injury at Estevan 28 Jan 1902
Cooke, Catherine Helen M 22 Dec 1902 Church of the Redeemer, Calgary of Weasenhug, Norfolk, England to Arthur Barnard Wilson by Very Rev. Dean Paget 25 Dec 1902
Corbett, David C. Sr. D 27 Jun 1902 General Hosp., Calgary age 64, a merchant of Didsbury 28 Jun 1902
Craig, M. J. (Miss) M 25 Feb 1902 Calgary of Bowden eldest daughter of William Craig to Sand Skinner 28 Feb 1902
Crieghton, John D 29 Jul 1902 General Hosp, Calgary funeral was held at his relative Mr. Cook, Pallbearers were Mayor Underwood and others 30 Jul 1902
Cummings, Bertha May M 24 Sep 1902 Calgary daughter of Wm. Cummings, Esq. of Moncton NB, to Chester A Sullivan, by Rev J.W. Litch B.A. 26 Sep 1902
Cummings, Ella B M 1 Dec 1902 Calgary of Moncton, NB, to James MacLean at the residence of John Cummings, brother of the bride, by Rev J.W. Litch, BA 05 Dec 1902