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Personal Ancestral File 4.02

Computer SIG Meeting - October 1999)
by Peter van Shaik, volunteer, Okotoks Family History Center

See also Computer Special Interest Group (SIG)

PAF 4.02 a genealogical data management program for personal use.

PAF 4.02 and Ancestral Quest have many similarities, it was jointly designed by the LDS church and the Hope Foundation (which owns Ancestral Quest). The LDS church will maintain and improve PAF 4.02 while the Hope foundation will do likewise with the Ancestral Quest program.

PAF 4.02 is available free. You can download it from the Family Search website at or order the program and manual on CDrom ($5 US) by phoning 1-800-537-5971.

PAF 4.02 uses the same data file as PAF 3.0 , but it is advisable to use one of the two as problems could develop if you're using both. PAF companion 2.1 can be used as a printmanager with PAF 4.02 data files.

To start using PAF 4.02 you can either create a new file, use a backup copy from PAF 3.0 , import a GedCom or you can have it find an existing PAF data file (version 2,* and 3.*) on your computers hard drive. There are no plans at this time to have a version for MacIntosh computers. Regular updates will be made available on the website. A user manual is available for download from the above mentioned website and can be printed with a word proccessor program like Adobe Reader on both sides of the pages, the manual is not available for sale in printed form.

PAF 4.02 features

  • Will import older versions PAF data files, all GedCom formats and older versions PAF backup files. ( File/Import)
  • Will export in several Gedcom formats and also to Ancestral File, Pedigree Resource File and Temple Ready. (File/Export)
  • Ancestral File number editing capability. (Individual editing screen, AF number field).
  • Full focus and custom list creation capability. (Search/Advance Focus Filter or File/Print reports)
  • Global Search and replace function. (Search/Global Search and Replace)
  • Soundex code Calculator. (Tools/Soundex)
  • Match and Merge of duplicate individuals. (Tools/Match and Merge)
  • On and Off switch for LDS church data. (Tools/Preverences/General)
  • Multiple parent link capability. (Add/Parents).
  • Links to the LDS church and Family Search internet web pages.
  • Automatic lookup at the Family Search website. (Highlight name, establish internet connection, Search/On Family Search Internet)
  • Keyboard short cuts:
    • CTRL+A for add Individual
    • CRTL+U for add spouse
    • CTRL+L for add a child
    • CTRL+T for add a Father
    • CTRL H for add a mother.
  • Custom event editing , you can create your own event field or choose from 45 different pre-designed event fields and add them to the individuals editing page.