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18 Jul 2002



The Book I'd Like to See in My Christmas Stocking


AFHS General Program Meeting December 1997
by Judith Rempel
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The Book I'd love to see in my stocking - will be a book of answers to the many small genealogical mysteries that plague me now. For instance, it will tell me:

  1. About the Mill:
    • which Mr. Hubert co-owned a mill with my grandfather Rempel
    • and in which Russian Mennonite village it was located?
    • how it was that, that four storey brick mill could burn to the ground?

  2. About Grandma Rempel - who almost raised me until I was 12
    • where my grandmother Anna Ketler lived while she and her mother were in household service?
    • how did she, as a single woman, manage to get a man's job as a bookkeeper at a publishing house in 1900s Mennonite Russia
    • and then, how did she, come to be a landowner in 1913 - even if it was only a small piece of land?

  3. About my Rempel Grandparents:
    • when my grandfather Rempel's first wife died, did he really return 6,000 miles from Siberia to the Ukraine sweep up my grandmother Anna because she was his childhood sweetheart?
    • how my pretty grandmother happened to stay single until she was 40
      • did she have suitors and turn them down?
      • did the household service background hamper her chances?
      • or was it a matter of love lost because my grandfather had fallen in love and married another woman?

  4. About my Great Uncle Abram Peters
    • how was it that my great grandfather, brother - Abram Peters who was a conservative Sommerfelder Mennonite minister came to have four wives, two of whom shared a surname with him before they got married.?

But, best of all, the book will generate new mysteries that I need to think about, research, and speculate about.