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Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry

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18 Jul 2002



Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry


Judith RempelGensoft - March 2001
by Judith Rempel

What is the Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry?

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The Registry is a free electronic resource for the genealogical community. It will answer questions like: Has anyone transcribed the headstones from the Central Cemetery?, Is there an index for the 1901 census for Alberta? Where can I "advertise" the extraction/transcription project that I'm working on? It contains links to over 9,500 Canadian data sources - the majority online.

CGPR Resource Links: ProvinceWe hope to help eliminate duplication of work by providing a central place where Canadian genealogy projects can be listed. You can find out which extraction/transcription projects are planned, underway, or have been completed.

What is this going to cost me?

There are no charges to those who visit and use our Projects Registry, or who ask us to list their Projects. This Registry, itself, is a project of the AFHS and its volunteers. However, using some of the listed projects may involve a fee if the project is a commercial/professional one (that's clearly noted).

Isn't this already done by someone else?

No. There are lots of sites that offer links to other websites that have links to advice sites, link sites, and/or data sites. But, there is no central Canadian web resource to show data resources that are not on the internet, or that are in the planning stages. We feel that by developing this registry, genealogical researchers and volunteers in Canada will be able to find data resources better, avoid duplication of extraction/data entry efforts, and we will facilitate the access of non-web based resources.

Do we have to have a website to submit a project?

No. We do require that you provide either a mailing address or a phone number, so that the site visitor can be in touch with the project manager or steward.

Can only societies submit projects?

No. Anyone can submit a project: a person, a group of people, a society, a business, or a government department/agency.

Do I/we have to give up copyright to be part of the Projects Registry?

No. You still are owner/steward/developer of the data resource. We simply are creating an online inventory/finding aid of genealogical projects underway or completed.

Is there a registry for non-Canadian Genealogical Projects and how can I contact them?

  • Visit the other data and resource links compiled by the AFHS
  • Check out the website developed between Kindred Konnections and the National Genealogical Society:
  • Try the International Internet Genealogical Projects Registry
  • Check out websites for family history societies that focus on the same region, cultural group, religion, or surname as you
  • Check out the GenWeb website for the country/province/state/county of interest

How do I submit a project?

Just send us an e-mail that answers the questions on the Registry homepage

What types of materials are being indexed?

CGPR Resource Links: Type of RecordAny of the following types for any locality in Canada

  • Birth Records: Church, Civil, Newspaper Announcements, other
  • Marriage Records - Church, Civil, Newspaper Announcements, other
  • Census Records - all years
  • Death Records - Cemetery, Civil, Newspaper Announcements, Wills/Probate, other
  • Other Records - Baptismal, Bibliographies, Biographies, Book Indexes, Church Records,
  • Directories, Immigration, Land, Lineages, Military, Passenger Lists, Ship Lists, other


This project is the brainchild of the past AFHS Projects Chair, Janet Morgan, who has developed many indexes that are helpful to genealogists researching in Southern Alberta. Alberta Genealogical Society made a very substantial contribution to the Registry by compiling and supplying AFHS with a database listing of a great many of the recording and transcription projects for the Province. Judith Rempel developed, expands and maintains the Registry.

Have you won any awards?

NEHGS AwardSignificantly, from the New England Historic Genealogical Society we received their first annual Genealogy Technology Achievement Award for the Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry. Janet Morgan and Judith Rempel attended the GenTech conference in San Diego to receive the award on behalf of the AFHS. Dick Eastman also mentioned us in his newsletter in January 1999!