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Accessing PDF Documents

Some of the information/data linked from or provided by the AFHS require that you have installed the Adobe's Acrobat Reader. It is a free browser plug-in that works with later versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer regardless of whether you use a PC or a Macintosh computer.

Once installed, clicking on a pdf document link immediately will start the Acrobat Reader plugin and the document will come into view - in its native format. It can be viewed and generally printed. The .pdf format permits a number of security features that some developers will elect to employ, including the restriction from printing. If that has been done, the printer icon in the Acrobat browser will be "greyed out".

Why make extra work for you?

Well, there are at least two reasons. First, persons who want to put information on the internet sometimes have access to documents that were created in attractively formatted ways that simply cannot be replicated using current html capability. PDF documents retain their original format regardless of operating system or browser version.

Another reason is because putting materials online that were typed long ago (and the electronic file is missing or was never made) is much faster for the developer. Effectively s/he simply scans the image of a document and the Adobe Acrobat captures the sequential pages of the document and saves them as a single pdf file.

Steps to Installing Acrobat Reader

  1. Click on the button below
  2. Complete the online registration form (no fee)
  3. Save the program file on your computer
  4. Install the program
Get Acrobat Reader