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Volunteering at AFHS

Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our society. We just couldn't manage without all the dedicated people we have doing everything from running the library to setting up new members to organizing audio/visual equipment at meetings. We learn lots, but we also have a lot of fun and enjoy each other's company.


The AFHS is looking to fill a few key positions that are instrumental to our existence. If you see something that you or someone you know could help with, please get in touch with us .



Our long-standing, much-respected Treasurer is retiring. We tried to talk her into staying but she wants to do some genealogy - go figure! So we are looking for someone to take over her position. Here is what our Treasurer does:



If you have any such financial experience (or are enthusiastic and willing to learn), let us know!


Vice President

Currently we have no VP, which could be detrimental to our existence. The Vice President’s duties primarily include attending meetings, assuming the role of chair if the President is absent, and eventually taking the President’s seat when his/her term has been completed.


This is an extremely important position because the society cannot function without a President, of course.

Other positions

We do have a couple other positions that are open, such as Volunteer Coordinator. Our PR Committee would likely appreciate a little help, too.


We need more bright, talented individuals to help us move AFHS into the 21st century and we invite you to join us! Contact us if you can help. Thank you!